Good Different

Oh! Dear Lord!
You are Different.

Ever heard this statement? If you have, trust me you are one of those few lucky ones – ” The Uniques”

What is the formula of being different?
The answer is quite simple, ” Do what you BELIEVE”

The Good Different or The Uniques are the ones to be frowned upon the most by each and every living thing on this planet. If you are wondering what is the reason behind their distaste, don’t worry, it has got nothing to do with you. I mean not directly, they might be trying to degrade you with their attitude, they will bully you, they will take a dig and what not.

Please don’t blame them, they are making a fuss because they are aware of your awesomeness. They secretly crave to be like you, to reach the level of uniqueness you possess. And a frustrated human is allowed to have few reactions.

So, the Good Differents! continue being amazing, you will lead them one day.

This is for all the Uniques, the Good Differents out there. Yes, you are different, you are astonishing, you are not a part of the herd,
You are YOU.

Like it? Love it?
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