You Were Meant Not To Fit

Do you find it difficult to blend in with the opinions of others?
Well, I do!
Most of the times, I have different opinions which instigate the disliking syndrome in fellow humans.

Reason being, I am not  behaving the way they want me to. Actually, my brain does not behave the way they expect it to be.

I can have two reactions to this situations:

First, I can go crazy! start questioning my life, thinking about what is wrong with me that I am not like them and then finally, I start behaving the way it is “normal for others.”

Second, I can continue being who I am and live my amazing-the-way-it-is life.

what would you choose?

The first option is tempting and easy. Plus it brings the added perks like “acceptance” and it is easier to walk on a predefined path than an unfamiliar territory. Right!?

Sure the second option brings a thrill to the life and you will find surprises at every turn. But hello, what about others!? What will they think of me??

However, I decide to take the UNCONVENTIONAL approach, always. I have a theory behind it.

Why waste your precious time trying to be accepted by people. Maybe, you were meant not to fit. Who knows, your unique perspective and the ability to stand alone may change the generations ahead!!



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  1. As long as you are aware of the acceptance part, follow your instincts, I would say. It will give you an identity for sure. Also a lot of lessons which will help you form the real you.


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