The Light Is Waiting

Walking through a dark path is scary
Even for the brave hearts, it gets scary at a point of time,
Whether they agree or not.

You start losing your mind, negative thoughts invade the precious space of your smart mind and you start working on fight or flight scenario.

But keep this in mind, you are awesome and keeping up with the title requires some hard work. Go for the fight my dear, face your troubles. Smile at them and kiss them goodbye. The universe has a special set of plans made for everyone and your capability is beyond your imagination.

Universe plans on making you a stronger one, only if you cooperate. Your plate will never be more that what you can take care of. Be patient with yourself and have faith in you, you are the only one, who can do it.

Deep breathe, focus on and move forward.

You have covered a long way and the finish line is visible, yes, I can see it. Few more steady steps and BAM!! there you are. There you are, with smiling eyes and shining face, praising yourself.

Just a few steps my dear,
The light is waiting for you to shine.



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