The Feeling Called Love

Journal Entry

In the diary of her heart,
one particular journal entry was the most preserved one.

She still has the vivid picture of THAT day.
The day when it rained,
The day you held her hand,
The day you chose to stand under the tree,
The day you opted out from seeking a shelter in the rain,
The day you told her she is the most beautiful girl,
The day she found her home in your arms,
The day which still seems like yesterday.

Remember when,
You looked into her eyes,
You tucked that rebellious strand behind her ear,
You kissed her on the forehead,
You whispered sweet-nothings to her,
You shivered, yet, you gave her your coat,
You made her blush.

There you welcomed her to a different world,
A world too good to exist,
A world which only exists in fairytales,
A world where she felt special,
A world where she felt loved,
THEIR world.


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