Apologies To The People I Failed To Please Today

I would like to begin by saying a simple HELLO! And I am already expecting a tight-lipped smile, with a nod from you. But that’s okay, you have the right to be mad at me. Seriously, I realize that I have committed the greatest sin of not pleasing you today.

So here I am, apologizing for my mistake.

I am really sorry that I did not behave the way you expected me to. I agree, it is weird when things don’t go the way we worked out in our head. But in my defense, you did not provide me with the “Dummy’s Guide to Behave the Way People Expect You To”, so I was one clueless creature roaming around on this planet. Point noted, next time I’ll ask for the confirmation.

I am sorry that I did not smile when you asked me to smile. Smiling is good, it radiates positivity and makes the world a happy place to live in. But again, firstly, you were a random stranger and secondly, I was running behind deadlines and carrying out my daily chores. In all that chaos, I missed your point, completely.

I am sorry, I had a different opinion. I forgot that we are still living in a high school like situation where we have to be in everybody’s good books. I was too busy in presenting my opinion that I almost forgot, I have the responsibility of agreeing with you. I promise to be thoughtful next time.

I am sorry that I did not laugh at the girl who “according to you” made fool of herself in that tacky dress and weird hairstyle. I accept it is my fault that I found her uniquely confident and individualistic. She should have followed the masses! I apologize on her behalf as well.

I am really sorry that I did not let you take credit for my hard work. I am aware of the concept of “sharing is caring” but pardon me for going by the logical approach of, no share in the workload equals no share in the credit. It’s unfortunate that I have the tendency of being highly logical.

Lastly, sorry but NOT sorry for being who I am.



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