Hie all!
Today I want to share my imaginative perspective with you.
This is how I look at the clouds and the sun.

Consider this…

Clouds are rushing toward the destination they are supposed to reach. On their way to the place, they encounter their biggest and the most ruthless obstacle – the sun.

The clouds have 2 options, one is to return and the other is to face the fear and overcome the hurdles in the path. They opt for facing the enemy and pass by the Sun, bearing all the heat without complaining.

In the end what the clouds feel is a sense of satisfaction as they completed their task, without giving much attention to the hurdles in the path.
This is called Perseverance. ❤

Nature inspires us in the best and the simplest possible way.

What are your views on this *which degree of weird is it?*
please let me know 🙂


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  1. I’m not sure which degree of weird this is, but the fact that it is weird is a good thing. To me, when someone calls something “weird,” what they mean is that it’s outside the box of what we currently refer to as conventional thinking. This isn’t a bad thing since creativity doesn’t always spawn from what’s considered conventional. And really, new ideas do come from creative people. So the fact that you can look at clouds and see them from this completely creative perspective reflects well on you. 🙂

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  2. This is an awesome perspective!!! I would also like to add, as the clouds move toward their destination (whatever that may be) they do not move without changing. They are never constant. Therefore, we as people should never fear change from The Son as well. Just my two cents.

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