The Feeling Called Love


The topic of love has always been tricky, yet dazzling. Everybody has their own definitions, stories and theories. This topic has the widest range of genres, from cute to hot, from sad to funny, the silly ones, the crazy ones, the thrilling ones! *it is a never ending list*
Irrespective of the flavour, every story is beautifully UNIQUE.

When I tried understanding what love is, I came across many instances.
Sharing the unconventional ones with you.
*This is how I saw them*

Light and Darkness 

Light and darkness are those passionate lovers who keep following each other. Always. They know one’s presence can destroy the other. So they exist, without destroying each other. Just the satisfaction, that their better half has been there, earlier, is enough for them to believe in love. They set a perfect example of compromise, the only manner in which they can coexist. This is the best kind of love.

River and Glacier

The river and glacier are those lovers who cannot live together. Ever.
The glacier is the sole reason of existence of the river. It loses itself to pieces, just to make sure its lover is living a wonderful life.The rippling sound of water are the cries of a lover, who due to the  circumstances, cannot live with its lover. The intensity of cries reduces when the river realizes that few things are not meant to be. So, it makes peace with the situation and moves on.

Love is holding hands,
Love is walking at the same pace,
Love is matching footsteps,
Love is family,
Love is walking with mom and dad,
Love is being together,
Love is finding happiness in others’ happiness,
Love is being calm and relaxed in each other’s company,
Love is compromising,
Love is sacrificing,
Love is demanding,
Love is caring,
Love is beautiful.

P.S. Such a long post! *happy dance* Do you like it?
P.P.S. I always wonder, am I the only one who has this weird way of thinking? OMG is it not normal? *wishfully thinking you will say, “NO, you are completely alright.”*


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  1. NO, you are completely alright. 😉

    You have a gorgeous way of thinking; very artistic. I like how you contemplate these questions to the tune of your imagery. Don’t stop thinking and certainly don’t stop writing and sharing what you’ve written. You have a wonderful gift. 🙂

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