Let’s Talk About Life

Everyone talks about winning,  about your achievements, your talents and your goals. Everybody expects you to win, but what is more important is your efforts. The outcome of those efforts is secondary.

You cannot always win, that’s the harsh reality of life. Even the perfectionists have their share of failures. The role models we look up to, our ideals, all of them have failed at some point or the other

Let’s talk about failures for once,
nobody talks about failure,
nobody talks about shortcomings,
nobody talks about defeats.

That’s why I am here!

Failure : Non-success
The literal meaning suggests, it is the undesired outcome to  your efforts.One failure, one defeat cannot describe who you are. It cannot decide the path of your life, either. If you are winning, you will lose someday, the equilibrium has to be maintained.

You failed maybe because the universe has planned something better for you.
This one failure is not the end of your world. So no! Don’t think like your life is over.
Remember that everyone has to overcome their set of hurdles, in their lives. I repeat everyone including the people we look up to, but what made them special was the fact that they continued, despite the failures.

Overcome those hurdles, show them who is the BOSS!
So my dear, don’t lose hope, you will come out as the ultimate WINNER.
Just continue having  faith in yourself and keep making efforts.
They get paid. ALWAYS!

P.S. This piece is super close to my heart. This is the message I want to convey to my baby brother who is going through a tough time right now. I just want him to know, this is NOT the end!
Please help me in explaining this to him.


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  1. This is so true! Bless you for thinking about your baby brother, I hope you he sees your heart and gets the message! As Albert Einstein said, “I learned 1000 ways that it didn’t work.” But look what happened when he found the way that worked! Never give up!! There is so much more out there! You have people pulling for you and that is what is the most important!

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  2. Give my best wishes to your brother! I hope he’s going to be okay in whatever he’s going through. 🙂

    And like the other person commenting said, failure is something that even the most famously successful people in history have dealt with. I’ll give you another example: Michael Jordan, the greatest NBA basketball player of all time. Yes, we remember him for the championships he helped the Chicago Bulls to win, and we remember him for the games he helped win to get to those championships, but what we don’t look at are all of the games he lost and the championships he didn’t win. And even he says that it’s all of the failures he went through that made him a success. The failures are what gave him all of those chances he needed to learn how to be better and ultimately become the player he was. He didn’t learn because he always succeeded, he learned because he failed a lot, and that is what led him to success.

    But really, other than that example, I can’t explain failure better than you already explained it. Your brother is lucky to have you as a sister and to have you supporting him the way you do. Again, give him my best wishes! 🙂

    Oh, and here’s that Michael Jordan quote:

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