Learnings From The Wild

The composition of the earth is amazing! Millions of species living together in harmony is not an easy task. How has nature created such a wonderful masterpiece and how is it still functioning the way nature had planned? These are some questions that have left me in absolute awe!

One of the major components of our earth is its wildlife. Wildlife has a vital role in the functioning of earth and in the food-chain. But another angle which is usually far from our point of concern is the teachings the wildlife has taught us.

In the wild, there are no rules, but one.

The only rule which flows in the wild is the SURVIVAL

When I was a kid, I wanted to be an animal. Because the perception of life for a seven-years-old me was to complete the work I’ve been asked to do or to sleep at the specified time even when I am two pages away from finishing my favourite book.

But now, survival is the only thing which matters. You have to survive, to sail your ship of life.

A deer runs to protect itself from its predator, the stimuli folds itself away on any human contact. Every trick has one main motto – to live, to survive.

The key factor of survival is the will-power. Stronger willpower increases the chance of your survival exponentially.

Survival of the fittest not only means being fit physically but also mentally. I have seen ants carrying load many times heavier than them. I have seen fights between the weakest and the strongest, and the weakest WON!

You just have to make yourself realize that you have got this! You can do this!

My conclusion from learnings that I got from the wild can be summarized by these few lines:

You are a powerhouse of energy.
You just need to know what you are capable of!
You, my dear, are stronger than you think!
Stay focused, stand proudly in front of the enemy.
Face your fears.
Trust me, you will come out stronger than ever.
Just have faith in yourself


Thank you for reading 🙂


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