The Feeling Called Love


He was annoyed because she never noticed him. Multiple efforts, tons of tricks and pre-planned accidental meeting, all in vain.

Little did he know, she was as impatient as he was, always wondering what will he do next. Always restless to catch a glimpse. This waiting took a  toll on her heart and her peace of mind, it was pure torture.

But all the pain vanished, just by his faint, awkward smile.

Eyes shone, hearts fluttered with joy when they saw each other. The moment was perfect, who cares how short lived it was! The only thing which mattered was the ecstatic hearts and the feeling, which was to be cherished, forever.

Unless, he follows his routine!
Unless, she follows her heart!


We’ve been through it, all of us! That fuzzy feeling when the cute guy from the class smiled *awkward giggle* Crushes and new loves, making the world “The most amazing place to live in” Let’s celebrate that feeling, that beautiful emotion!
*opens instagram to stalk that OH-SO-DREAMY guy*



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