She – Volume 5 : Adventures Of Her Soul

They said, “Wear pink”.
She obliged.

They said, “Don’t eat chocolate”.
She obliged.

They said, “Don’t sit like that”.
She obliged.

They said, “Don’t talk like that”.
She obliged.

They said, “Don’t talk to strangers”.
She obliged.

They said, “Give up on your dreams”.
She nodded.

They said,”Behave like a lady!”
She tried.

They said,”A man is always right”.
She disagreed.

They said,”Don’t try to act smart and follow the society norms”.
She backfired!!

Her socially “tamed” soul of a proper girl finally found its rebellious streak. She wanted to be a perfect daughter, a perfect sister and a perfect wife. The more she tried, more they started expecting.

Between living up to the perfect tag and carrying the burden of expectations, she lost her identity. She lost her perfect soul. No matter how much she tried, no matter what all she gave up on, she never became a “proper” lady, they wanted her to.

Sometimes, it was the height,
Sometimes, it was her weight,
sometimes, it was the complexion,
Sometimes, because she dared to look into their eyes,
Sometimes, because she dared to speak her mind out,
Sometimes, because she did not match their criteria of being perfect.

The slowly simmering patience finally reached the boiling point and she exploded. The shell of socially perfect girl was blown-off and she became alive!

They made snide remarks and called her rebellious.

What they called rebellious was adventure of her soul, once in a lifetime kind of adventure.

She wore whatever she wanted to,
She ate chocolate even if it made her fat!
She talked to anyone and anything she felt like,
She started working on her dreams,
She sat the way she wanted to,
She walked the way she wanted to,
She knew nobody can be always right,
She only listened to her brain!
She only followed her heart.

Her once in a lifetime adventure paid off!
She felt whole,
She became her perfect version!

She no longer cared about what people expected her to do. In her heart she knew, the only happiness important to her was her own happiness.

Now she wore a permanent expression of pure joy on her face.
The adventure shaped her into a soul she has always dreamed of.

She was satisfied that she followed her heart and never stopped believing in her dreams!



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  1. This was wonderful and I just love how it all built up. I love the message you’re promoting and I think lots of people would find your writing really inspirational. You should be so proud!

    Liked by 1 person

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