Life Hacks

Success : A Journey From Bumpy To The Smooth Road

What is your goal?
What do you want to achieve in your life?
What is the one thing you want to have in your life in next five years?

The answer to all these questions is a seven lettered word – SUCCESS.

Success has different meanings for different people.
But in the most general way, it is the smooth road you reach, after bypassing all the hurdles of your life.

Success is the position you want to be at, it is the place which you desire the most. Success means being the best at what you are doing.

The journey to success is the most challenging journey of the mankind. To sit back and enjoy the smooth flow of life requires a huge amount of investments. And no, investment does not refer to just money, it refers to your time, your hard work, your patience and most of all your sincerity.

The road map to success is divided into five check posts,

Check-post number 1 : Entry
The first check post is the entry point. It is the phase in which you realize what you exactly want in your life. It is the starting line of the race of life. It is the point at which our enthusiasm level is at its maximum possible limit.

At the entry level, we just have to keep few preliminary things in mind. We should be aware of the pros and cons of the route we are taking, awareness is the only thing which matters. We should have a clear picture in out mind about how we are going to proceed on this bumpy ride.

Check-post number 2 : Initial smooth road
The second check post is the initial smooth road before the first hurdle. It helps us in gaining self-confidence. It is the part where we start believing in ourselves, where we get the required boost.

The key here is to get the lead as fast as possible. Cross that smooth lane as quickly as you can so that you can use the buffer time in the next check post.

Check-post number 3: Hurdles or setbacks
This is the phase where the harsh reality hits you. You start facing setbacks, you lose confidence and start questioning your goal. This is normal, happens to everyone. You cannot have the life without having a share of failures.

The important factor in this phase is – do not lose hope and keep pushing yourself. Always keep in mind that you always knew this was bound to happen, sooner or later.

Check-post number 4 : Final set of tests
The fourth phase is the deciding factor of your journey. It tests your limits, it exposes you to the worst case scenarios and forces you to give up.

Most of us lose hope, thinking maybe this is not meant to be. But always remember things are not meant to be, you make them happen!

Here we have to apply the knowledge of experiences we learnt from the last phase. We know what works for us, so keep doing that.

If you stay patient, you can even see a faint glimpse of the finish line.
Here perseverance is the magic key.

Check-post number 5 : Exit
This is the point we have always dreamt of!
This is where we have always wanted to be.

As we cross the fourth check-post, the smooth road makes its appearance and heart is filled with joy. We can hear the sweet melody of praise songs.

While passing through that smooth road, we have flashes of our journey. And trust me most of them will be of how we overcame those nasty hurdles.

That is the last stop of our journey to success,
We are where we imagined to be,
We are wearing that crown of success,
We are filled with a soothing calm sense of relief!

That marks the end of our journey and the end of this post, as well!

No matter which check-post you are currently on, never lose hope!
Also, karma always gets paid!

My best wishes  for the journey you have started, the journey you are yet to start or the journey you have completed.

Thank you for reading such a long post.

p.s. Have I missed any check-post? Have I missed any point? What are your thoughts on this road map? Let me know.


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