The Feeling Called Love

Let Go

Our mind is weird, it paints a beautiful, happy picture of all our dreams.

It never warns us about the fact, that things can go wrong. Things will go wrong at some point or the other and you will have no control over the situation. Even if we want to step into the reality, our mind never allows us to, it blinds us with so much of goodness, it  forces us to believe that things will never go wrong.

Whenever we meet someone,
Whenever we are attracted to someone,
Whenever we are in love with someone,
Whenever we are hopeful,
Our mind acts as a catalyst and makes us believe in the happily ever after scenarios.

But the truth is nothing is stationary, nothing is permanent,
There is no guarantee that you will have your happily ever after.

No matter how blissful your relationship is,
No matter how much you are in love,
No matter how perfectly you fit,
No matter how wonderful everything is!
At some point, you have to let go.

You have to let go those feelings,
You have to let go those memories,
You have to let go the thoughts popping in your mind,
You have to let HIM go.

Even if it hurts so bad that you can barely breathe,
Even if it makes you lock your room and cry,
You have to LET GO.

Every adventure comes to an end and this is the end of your heart’s adventure. You have to jump off, let go the feeling attached and cherish the good things that happened.

So don’t hold back,

P.S. all of us talk about the beauty and the good things, but the uglier side holds equal importance. Someday or the other, you have to face it and then let go. All thoughts are welcomed. Sometimes, I write to make sure that I function properly, today is one such day. Thank you for reading and radiate positive vibes!


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