She – Volume 6 : The Origin Story Of A Strong Woman

It has always been a matter of fascination to know about, how our superheroes originated, what made them special  and what was the reason they chose to follow the path, which led them to who they are today?

We have many superheroes around us!
Some are in the form of comics,
Some are in the form of biographies,
Some are in the form of movies,
Some are in the form of poems,
Some are yet to be commemorated!

One such superhero clan is WOMEN.

Each member of this extraordinary clan is a superhero with same name but unique superpowers!
All of them are referred to as STRONG WOMAN.

Their superpowers are helpful in all the spheres of life. This Strong Woman is the busiest superhero ever, she is someone who will be called for help, every time!

She feeds you,
She teaches you,
She looks after you,
She gives you the greatest gift, LIFE,
She leads you,
She loves you,
She supports you,
She believes in you,
She is capable of doing the unimaginable!

Her list of superpowers is never ending and yet she never brags. She will be helping everyone silently, without asking for anything in return!

Like any other superhero, her origin story is full of twist and turns. She has suffered a lot before becoming who she is today!

The story goes like this…….

In a land, far, far away, there lived a girl who always wanted to make her parents feel proud of her. She was the definition of ideal daughter, ideal sister and ideal wife. Whenever she took a step forward,she looked back, seeking assurance!

Every story has a villain, this story is no exception. The villain was known as the SOCIETY, everybody feared him. Everybody followed the rules given by him and if anybody failed to stick to them, the villain punished them in the harshest possible way.

He boycotted them, publicly shamed them and their family and even pushed them to the depression chamber.

As the little girl grew up to a beautiful woman, he started ill treating her. So many expectations, rules and regulations that she could barely breathe. It was then, the realization dawned upon her, the SOCIETY was always causing her troubles, since childhood. It hid behind her loved once and got the work done.

This infuriated her and she made a plan of seeking revenge.

She tried and failed,
Faced the consequences but they were not enough to make her stop.
She kept trying and finally she defeated the SOCIETY.

Now she did not look back for assurance,
She stopped following the practices which she was “supposed” to do,
She started working on her own dreams,
She made her own identity and never gave anyone the remote control of her life.

She started living on her own terms and was accountable to her own self.

This is how she became a STRONG WOMAN.

Origin Story
Have any superhero story, feel free to share it with me, I love to read your comments 🙂


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  1. Love❤️Love❤️Love❤️ but knowing me you knew I would. Keep it up young woman. Always stay strong and like the ad says, never let them see you sweat!!!

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  2. A child was taught to be obedient. He followed. I was told to read books and study hard. He did. He read among huge crowd. He was invited to hang out. His parents denied. He avoided all the so called distractions. He rose like high scoring boy in his school. He was admired. He got happy. He studied harder. His freinds said he is book worm. He stood strong. He had his parents and elders words. He decided to choose a non conventional stream. He was opposed by all his close persons . He stood strong. After this even his parents critised for his decision. Now it was a tough time but he stood strong. He read, harder. Never noticed how others are enjoying. As he was alone. He fought. Many a time he bleeded but never complained. He passed with flying colours. He chose a tougher hard. Worked harder and finally he failed. He failed his final and last exams. He accepted and prepared to prepare strong and this time he passed. He proved the prophecy of his parents. He is out in the world to work alone in the new city. Today when he sit and looks back he thinks may be he failed he lost a merry adolescence, he could have been more social, more loved. But now also he stands strong and many a time standa alone. Dont know for whome he is fighting. Perhaps his childhood is build so. He never gave up. He sometime will geta reason for all this. He is my star. I love u bhai…


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