She – Volume 7 : Flawsome

She is cheerful,
She is bubbly,
She is crazy,
Outside the door.

She spreads happiness,
She spreads hope,
She spreads positivity,
Outside the door.

She is flawless,
She is peaceful,
Outside the door.

You think, you know her?
You think, you unraveled the mystery?
But, you only know her from outside the door!

She rarely opens that tight shut door.
She rarely allows you to peek into that door.
She rarely unbolts the door of her soul!

Just be patient,
Just wait, for that rare moment.

She might be waiting for you to stay,
She might be waiting for you to flee away,
She might be opening that door wide,
Slowly, by an inch,
With the passing time.

She has fears,
She has flaws,
She has uncertain moments,

She is 180 degrees away from the image she projects,
She has seen failures,
She has witnessed heartbreaks,
She is depressed, sometimes.

She feels broken,
She feels empty,
She lives a contrasting life.

All that you can see,
Only if!
She opens that door WIDE.

She is alive and dead,
She is happy and depressed,
She is positive and hopeless,

The Story Behind a Door


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