The Feeling Called Love

The First Rose

Doctors informed her that he could not make it.

There, amidst all the chaos, her life stopped.She could not breathe, she could not react out loud, she lost control over her body.

Her heart dropped into a bottomless pit and the only reaction coming out from her body were the non-stop streams of tears.

That one statement shattered her heart into million little pieces, she lost her strength, her hope, her soulmate. She lost her first and only love.

Looking at his unsettlingly calm face, she let out a soft cry. She could not imagine her life without him. She did not want to leave him, not now, not EVER.

Her mother whispered, “It’s time.”

She ran back at the lightning speed to their home.

A home where they share laughters,
A home where they danced with the stars,
A home where he promised to be with her forever,
A home where they imagined their future,
A home which was blooming with their love.

She was welcomed by a painful silence. In a hurry she ran to their bedroom, wiping tears, controlling sobs, she made way to their closet. She started searching, kept throwing away things until, at the bottom corner she found that box.

Love box, she called it. As she opened the box, she welcomed millions of sweet memories, carefully preserved to be cherished.

She found that necklace he gave when they started dating,
She found the letter he wrote for her, telling how much he loved her,
She found the book he gave to her,
She found that blue polka dot scarf which blindfolded her on the day her proposed,
In the bottom,
She found that first rose he gave to her when he confessed his love.

The first rose which was filled with promises. Promises of love, promises of togetherness, promises of future and most of all promises to never leave. She smiled faintly at the memory of how cute he looked that day, she still remembered his toothy grin when she accepted the rose, she remembers everything, vividly.

She took that rose with her and placed it on his heart in the coffin. She smiled between tears and whispered, ” Wait for me in the heaven. And this time, try and look confident while asking me to be yours.”

She bid goodbye to him and between the flames, to his burning pyre, she promised, “ Until we meet again, honey.

No it was not the end, it was just the beginning of a new chapter.

Opening Line


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