The Sun Always Shines The Next Day

There comes an evening which carries hues of gloominess.

You impatiently wait for the morning but all you get is painful, contemplating time which moves so slowly that you feel like everything is working in slow-mo and all you can do is, sync with the environment.

No matter how sad you are,
No matter how hopeless you feel,
No matter how much it hurts,
No matter how broken you feel,
No matter how much you want to escape the pain.

You can only wait for it to be over,
You can only wait for the pain to go away,
You can only trust time to heal the shattered soul.
But all you need to remember is
The sun always shines the next day.

So be patient, embrace the pain and stay positive. The only thing which is stopping us from coming out of the darkness is the constant state of denial.

We do not want to believe that something bad could possibly happen to us. Even when it has happened, we do not want to admit it. But acceptance is the only path which will lead us to the state of happiness. We commit mistakes, accept them and then move on.

Why most of us remain darkened by our pain is because we do not accept it. As a privileged member of this planet earth, we are supposed to experience all types of emotion.

From white to black and even grey.

So hold yourself together through this darkness and you are going to come out stronger.




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  1. Your posts are always so beautiful. Your photography is stunning and your words are always so impactful and true. Everyone needs to hear this message! I’ve been on a blogging break and I’ve missed reading your blog so much and I’m really sorry I’m not up to date with your posts. I can’t wait to read future posts though and I hope you enjoy the ones I’m planning to write.

    Alex xx

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