A Positive Piece Of Advice


Live life in such a fashion that every moment, every flavour becomes worth framing!
No regrets, only lessons to be learnt.
Seize the day and hang the highlights on the wall.
Celebrate every day.
Enjoy every moment!

Okay, I know these kind of words look better on paper but what is the harm in trying?

I know life is not a bed of roses.
But, it’s not a never-ending desert full of cactus, either.

How hard is it to smile, everyday?
How hard it is to not give up?
How hard is it to look for the silver lining?

Something bad, something unexpected happened, so what?
Life is full of contrasting events.
If you are happy then you will have a sad day.
Everybody has to go through it, at some point of the life.

But, my dear, most of the things which are bothering us are NOT as huge as they seem. And sometimes they only exist in our brain, courtesy – our apprehensions.

Silver linings are magical and the best part is, they do EXIST!


Everything happens for a good reason should be our only motto is life. Just think about it, how much peaceful our life will be if we believe that whatever we are going through in our life has a solid, good reason behind it.

Our approach holds a great value in shaping the outcome of our life situations. A positive approach with a smiling face conquers half of the battle, which is yet to be fought.

So let us all be positive and search for the “oh-so-magical” Silver Linings!
A Piece of Advice


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