After The Storm

Remember the time when you were struggling hard?
Remember the time when you had trouble standing still?
Remember the time when you encountered the storm?

Let’s analyse storm figuratively, for once.

A storm could be a loss of loved one,
A storm could be a failed relationship,
A storm could be a monetary loss,
A storm could be a career issue,
A storm could be any trouble you possible can face in life!

But, do you remember what happened after that?

You faced your fears, challenged them and then conquered them with your inner strength.
This inner strength is nothing but your will power and your self-confidence. You believed in yourself that you could do it so you ACTUALLY did it.

After the storm comes the calm phase, a phase which makes you realize that you are more powerful than you think. A phase which makes you believe in yourself.

Let’s pat on our backs for standing tall in the storm and overcoming it.
Let’s celebrate our growth as an individual.
Let’s start believing in who we are.
Let’s all be powerful!

Some of us are having the calm moments after the storm, congratulations to you.
But some of us are still stuck in the storm, so don’t get disheartened and never stop believing in yourself. Keep your eyes fixed on the final target of coming out powerfully strong. Always remember “BEYONCÉ WASN’T BUILT IN A DAY”

And if your determination tends to waver, ever, keep in mind that the storm is definitely going to end someday, it cannot go on forever.

So, this post is for all the brave people out there.
Yes, everyone is brave!
Some of us already know it and some of us are yet to discover it!

A Piece of Advice


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