Boxing Up Memories

Have you ever been through a mixed state of emotions that you cannot decide whether to feel happy or to feel sad? That one particular thing, which you wanted so badly to happen, but when it finally happened, you were just left confused and tangled in a mess of feelings.

It happens to me sometimes and I just added the word sometimes to make myself feel better and more normal.

Before you start expecting something BIG like, getting a Nobel Prize, winning Oscar, buying an island, getting selected by NASA, elected as the first president of Neverland etc.. I assure you, none of the things mentioned above has happened, yet.

But the thing I am talking about is a big deal for me.

I am talking about moving out. I have been waiting for so long, like literally counting days for this to happen. But when I am one step away from taking the packed stuff to my new place, I don’t feel the same amount of happiness.

Fine, I admit it! I am going to miss my old place. Phew! there I said it.

A place which grew up with me,
A place which held me through my high school,
A place which wished me luck on my first day of college.

I have infinite boxes of memories! Some contain my failed attempts of leaning new dance forms, some are full of mimicking Taylor Swift, some contain my days with Grandpa and the list is endless. So, to save my time, I just placed them together in the bittersweet box.

While I have packed up most of my belongings, a huge chunk is still going to be left behind.

The window which brightened my day, literally and figuratively,
will be left behind.
The corner where we held karaoke sessions,
will be left behind.
The spot where I wrote my blog,
will be left behind.
The home sweet home,
will be left behind.

Sometimes, you just have to go with the flow and I will be doing the same. I will take all my boxes and the bittersweet box to this cool, new place and sprinkle the magic of happiness and comfort.

To the new adventures!

P.S. Yesss it finally happened. I have been planning this since January and now it has actually happened. Writing about it made it more ‘real’ and final. The picture is my actual old place.  Thank you for reading my rant.
The Things We Leave Behind



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    • Oh, thank you! I am trying to stay positive. It’s funny how we always believe that the grass is greener on the other side. Btw the description of the town is pretty interesting. Thank you for reading 🙂


  1. Congratulations dear heart. A rite of passage while though painful is necessary throughout our lives. Many will come and for the most part all will leave you with a sense of loss but onward and upward I always say. Let the new take place while we mourn briefly for the old.

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