The Sanctuary Within

How often do we try and escape a situation?
How often do we think about quitting the battle of inner peace?

We search for shelter, we search for another soul to confide in. We may or may not find them, but the battle continues. A moment of peace, a moment of pretentious sense of calm, is not enough.

The only thing we keep forgetting is that the sanctuary we are looking for resides in our hearts. The shelter we have been looking for was always there with us, just a realization away.

The blissful haven we kept searching desperately has always been with us. Within us. We often look for superheroes and saviours, but the truth is, each of us have a powerhouse within us.

We are more than capable of making peace with our inner self, we just have to start believing in the power of the sanctuary within. Rumi and Buddha have spoken strongly about the oasis which resides within us, which gives us strength to withstand the harshest sandstorms.

We are our own superheroes!
Some of us have found the key to our own sanctuary and some of us are on the way to our sanctuaries.

Your sanctuary has a bit of everything you might need in life. It has designated areas for strength, confidence, love, faith, happiness and the list is endless. You might find it interesting, some of the areas are yet to be marked, waiting for you to discover them. So let’s explore the endless areas of our own sanctuaries.


P.S. I was talking to someone and this is the only suggestion I came up with. It’s never too much to bear, I promise. Just a humble request to everyone who will come across this post, Please do not quit without searching for the shelter within.  Thank you for reading and keep spreading the message: Everyone is BRAVE.


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