She – Volume 9 : Worshipped, Yet Abandoned

Warning : If you get easily offended by reading the truth and if you do not believe in political, social and economic equality of both the sexes, please do not read this post. 
I repeat, please do not.

Our society and its norms crack me up, it’s saddening how the facts and rules are adjusted to fit well with the “dominating and macho” section. After all, they are the ones, who make the rules so it’s obligatory for the rules to add up to their comfort.

You can be daring, brave and intelligent, only if your body matches the male anatomy. And, god forbid, if you are blessed with a female anatomy, you are not human and you do not have any right to decide who and what you want to be.

Society is a confusing concept, it discriminates you, treats you badly and forces you to abide by its rules and regulations. Being a woman means facing these society issues to an extreme extent.

They might worship you and place you next to god, but this is done to ensure that the good luck remains in their court, forever.

They will kill you and your daughter because you never gave birth to a son.

They will rape you just because your clothes have a telepathic connection with their brains and the clothes can “ask for it”

They will pass derogatory comments if you ever reach a position higher than the men because the concept of having a vagina and brain, together,  is difficult for their thick skulls to process.

They will splash acid over you just because you dared not to reciprocate their one sided love and it’s a sin according to their beliefs.

They will pay you less than your male coworker on the same position as yours because as a woman, the sole purpose of your life is to boost their male ego and earning more than a woman works wonder.

They will create an uproar if you breastfeed you baby in public because breasts are good as long as they fulfil the purpose of satisfying male needs and a crying baby can wait till the mother goes back to home.

Oh! And do not dare to raise these issues because they will defend with every cell present their body saying  “These are not even real ISSUES!”

The society’s brain works in a sick manner where they will treat you as goddess and garbage, at the same time.

Each gender is equal and holds the same level of importance in the society. They share the journey of life and function together. If everyone is walking on the same road, why not make it comfortable for everyone.

Shared Journeys


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