Praise Yourself

Do you know, few kind words are enough to make someone’s day?
Do you know, few positive words are enough to push someone to try harder?
Do you know, few praises are enough to change somebody’s life?

The answer to all the questions above is a YES. 

We have known these facts since forever and we practice them in real life, too. We always try to boost someone up, cheering them up, praising them  and making them smile. We touch lives in the process and continue our journey of life.

But what happens, when it comes to our own selves?

If we are capable of touching other lives and making them good, then, why not touch our own life in the process?

How hard is it to say some comforting  words to yourself?

You seek assurance, look for opinions and give importance to what others think. Looking for different opinions is good as it widens your horizon of options but importance should only be given to your own opinions.

Make it a habit of praising yourself at least once a day. It could be about anything like, how strong you are, how confident you are, how beautiful you are, how you are proud of who you are, etc. Practice admiring you and you would be surprised by the results.

For the beginners, you can practice this little poem, every day in front of the mirror.

Mirror, mirror on the wall,
I am the strongest of all.
I am confident and beautiful.
I am proud of the brain inside my skull.
Mirror, mirror on the wall,
I love myself, above all.

Praise yourself, it is the only way to reach your true potential. Who knows, how much more you have in store for yourself.

Compliment your powerhouse and live a well-lit life.
P.S. The poem is mine, I hope you guys like it and practice it as much as I do. Never forget that you are BRAVE and keep loving yourself.



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  1. So true. We also are very unforgiving towards ourselves while forgiving others freely. This is a great reminder to value ourselves as well. Doesn’t mean be arrogant but if you don’t like yourself most others won’t either.

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