She – Volume 10 : Her Portrait

The Portrait Of A Strong Human

Let me introduce you to a strong and brave human of this planet.

She has determined eyes, confident smile, proud nose and witty ears.
She is the girl living next door, the woman you met in the metro, girl who is standing up for her own, woman who is fighting her battles and anyone you might ever come across in life.

She walks with her head high, accepts her mistakes and makes her own path. She learns from her mistakes, embraces her flaws and loves her body.

She takes care of her well-being, she believes in her inner Beyoncé and she lives like a queen.

She never shies away from stepping out of her comfort zone. She goes with the flow but stands firm against it when it is required.

She never allows anyone to take her for granted, she helps everyone and never expects anything in return. She only seeks comfort in the sanctuary within her and stays optimistic.

She is a happy, positive soul which believes in empowering everyone. She praises everyone and magnifies their strengths.

She lives life on her own terms and conditions. The only motto of her life is to make herself the happiest in doing whatever she is doing.

She is everything you want to be, she is the bravest soul.

She is everyone on this earth. All of us have these beautiful traits and characteristics.

She symbolizes the strength which all of us have.

This is everybody’s portrait!



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