Independence From Inhibitions

India is celebrating its 70th Independence Day today. Yes, 70 years of freedom, seventy years of living under the free sky and doing whatever we want to do.

But, are we really free?
Do we always do whatever we want to do?

The answer is NO!

We are still slaves, we cannot do what we want to do. We are under the rule of our inhibitions, we keep working towards pleasing our master.

Our reticence holds us with hesitant chains forbidding us from listening to the voices our souls.

This Independence Day, break all your inhibitions, free yourself from the chains of slavery and emerge out stronger and independent.

Stop worrying too much about the ‘what-ifs’ and start chanting ‘Let’s do this’

What if you fail? What if you win?
Let’s do it and then find out the answer to the most talked about mystery of life : What-if?

Let go the negative thoughts and absorb the optimistic vibes.

Always remember, these inhibitions make us weak and we have already established the fact that we are brave.

Cheers to everyone for being brave and fighting against their inhibitions.

Happy Independence Day!



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