The Coolest Brother

Raksha Bandhan is a Hindu festival which celebrates the special bond between brothers and sisters. It involves tying an auspicious thread on your brother’s wrist and praying for him. He in return promises to be there for his sister in all sorts of circumstances.

Twenty-first Raksha Bandhan demands to be celebrated with a fresh approach. So, here I am with the twist.

I am going to write a post dedicated to each of my brothers, revealing why I love them so much and what makes them super special.

The Coolest, the second.

the coolest_specscladeyes

We all have a charismatic person in our lives and the brother I am talking about is the oxford dictionary meaning of this word.

He is the coolest person on this entire planet. He has an aura around him which makes him more special. He is the kind of person who deserves attention and I am the kind of sister who has to constantly ask her friends to stop chasing him and just back off!

The crazy book reader, puzzle solver and writer in me are initiated by him. He used to give me lots of books as a kid.

Thanks to him, I had a wonderful childhood surrounded by “The Famous Fives”, “The Secret Seven” , “The Blue Umbrella”, “Panchtantras” and many more amazing books. He got me addicted to the word puzzles and I am proud to say that I am still not over them.

He makes everything seem effortless. He will be doing the most strenuous work in such a style that it appears to be near perfection with least amount of efforts.

I still remember, in eighth grade, I faked sleeping just because I wanted to learn the tenth-grade mathematics which he was teaching. I know what I did was awkward and embarrassing but he made it sound so easy that I wanted to learn more.

A few years back, I had an unfortunate incident, nothing big but still big enough to scare the teen-me. But one statement changed me into a better person at dealing situations. He just asked me to concentrate on what I was doing, basically studying and he promised to handle the rest. Needless to say, I was surprised, but I was shocked when I handled the same situation  I was scared of, on my OWN. Yes, handle my own situations pretty well because I know that he has got my back.

I have never thanked him for this, stupid right?
So, here I am, thanking him for being there and helping me in becoming who I am today.

A big shout out and hug for the smartest person I know.


Happy Rakshabandhan Dimpy Bhaiya!
Love you.


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