The Eldest

Raksha Bandhan is a beautiful Hindu festival which celebrates the bond shared by brothers and sisters. On this special day, I am going to continue the festivities with a twist.

I will be writing about all my brothers, explaining why they are so special to me.

The Eldest, the first.



No matter how old I get, he will still be treating me like a five years old. It is kind of cute how much he explains everything to me and by explaining I mean, going to the smallest possible details and spending as much energy as humanly possible.

Career advise, health advise, reality check, you name it and he will be there to help.

He is the kind of person who inspires you and yet remains humble. I have never seen him boast about any of his achievements even when they require to be spoken over a loud-speaker!  Yes, he is like that. Nothing flashy but still the best person for doing whatever he is doing.

He is almost 9 years elder to me and age gap is not the only reason behind the respect I have in my heart for him.

The thing I love the most about him is that he refuses to abide by the stereotypes, he will never follow anything just because it has to be followed. There has to a proper logic and reasoning involved.

His attitude towards life is very practical and unconventional which makes him shine through the crowd.

Did I tell you, he has an amazing wife! I’ll be talking about her in some other post.

My brother is the perfect blend of uniqueness and wit, he is someone you have to meet at least once in your lifetime.

And lucky for me, I have him as my brother.

Happy Rakshabandhan Sunny Bhaiya!
Love you.


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