The Mischievous

Date: 18th August 2016
Day: Thursday
Occasion: Rakshabandhan
Goal: celebrating the special bond between brothers and sisters with a different routine.

The mischievous, the fifth.

the mischeivous_specscladeyes

Let me give you a visual, mischievous smile, naughty eyes and peppy personality. Imagine how amazing the young man is going to be!?

The brother I am talking about is this mischievous kid whose mind can never rest, the few moments of peace does not exist in his brain. He will always be thinking about something or the other. And believe me, most of the things being processed in his brain will have fun elements in it.

He is a quick yet elaborate planner and good at who he is. His time management skills are quite impressive. He cannot sit idle, even for a second. He is wonderful at his studies and all the co-curricular activities too.

My brother is a well-mannered young man who has his own classy ways of doing things.

One look at him and you will think that he is the most serious person, but, look again and you will read the underlying mischiefs with a touch of strong value system.

My another tall baby brother is very adorable and behind all his naughty tricks, he is growing up into one fine young man.

He will play tricks and take funny digs but he will never hurt you intentionally or unintentionally. He is a good kid with a responsible brain.

Many hugs for my adorably mischievous brother.

Happy Rakshabandhan Vinny!
Love you.


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