The Tallest In The Squad

Raksha Bandhan is finally here and I want to make this celebration of the beautiful bond between brothers and sisters extra special. I have never, in the history of ever, told my brothers that they are special to me.

So, without further delay, I am going to do it today!

The Tallest, the third.


the tallest_specscladeyes

He is one person, who stands out, literally.

I can safely call him “a man of few words”. He is a reserved person but when he is passionate about any topic, all you can do is listen to him in absolute awe.

Born just a few months apart, we have had our own share of childhood memories where we were ridiculously stupid yet awesome. Getting photographed was not our forte, we have many pictures of us looking weird which we thought were cool as a kid.

In our defense, pulling the same long face every time is a special talent.

You can find comfort in the silence, that is how he rolls. The company will be calming but never awkward.

Did I tell you that he is an astounding photographer! All his pictures have a unique character which reflects his style.

He is someone who will never ask you to step out of your comfort zone, he appreciates your way of doing things at your own pace.

Happy Rakshabandhan Divyansh!
Love you.



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