The Interference Game

Dear  “I-love-interfering-in-other’s-life”

Hope you are doing good. Oh! before I start, let me just feed you with the information you have been dying to get.

My cat just started learning french, my dog finally has a beautiful set of horns, I am thinking about adopting a dinosaur, a few days ago I visited my friends on Mars and the neighbour’s son you have been gossiping about, he has some intergalactic mafia connections!

Did you know that my diary has feelings of its own!? Yes, my diary was upset because it does not have its own diary to share feelings with. The friend of yours, the one you always brag about, she hates minions! Hold on, my unicorn needs petting.

Yeah so, I hope these juicy bits will be enough for you to survive for some days. Now that you are on a gossip induced rush, Let’s talk!!

Do you remember when your friend’s sister blocked you? You were terribly upset because of her, such a stupid girl who has no respect for anybody’s feelings. Please forgive the poor girl who thought it would be the best way to protect her privacy from the person who is not even directly related to her.

You were furious because I did not include you in my weekend plans. Worse, I never even informed you about the latest happenings in my life. I committed a sin, please pardon me for having a life beyond the range of your personal BBC satellite.

Your neighbour is not as friendly as she was earlier. The mannerless, silly woman is so weird that she never tells you about her pee schedule. On top of that, she never told you what they had for dinner or what is the colour of her son’s underwear!

Ughhh! Everyone is mad and hurtful at the same time! So, instead of holding grudges, why don’t you be the bigger person and forgive them.

Forgive them for being intelligent enough to successfully block you out of their lives.
Forgive them for being offended by you poking nose in their private matters.
Forgive them for telling you to mind your own business.

On behalf of everyone who made you mad, I apologise for asking you to stay away from our lives and Get A LIFE!!


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