The Inner Superhero

We spend most of our lives in looking for a superhero. A person who can save us from all our miseries, who can give comfort when we need. Since childhood, we fantasize about the concept of finding a superhero and relying on that unbeaten, superior force.

We keep searching for our superheroes and hoping for the miracles to happen. Every possible and unlikely place is searched thoroughly with a hope of meeting the superstar : our SUPERHERO. Yet, no avail! Life is tough.

We search everywhere except the place where our superhero resides.
How can you find someone who was never lost!?
How can you ever find your superhero in a far away place if he lives within you!?

All of us have a superhero hidden inside us, who is waiting for the right moment to make the grandest possible entry.

It is a well-known fact that the only person who can help you in solving your issues is YOU. And the dictionary meaning of superhero is a person who has exceptional superpowers to save anyone who is going through hardships.

Who can understand your problems better than you?
Who can understand the severity of your hardships better than you?
Nobody. Only YOU.
You just have to trust your inner self to tackle the tough situations.

You have to lose your inhibitions and your fears to gain your inner superhero. You have to continuously add fuel to the fire within you.All of us have a fireball within us, a powerful energy which makes our hearts sing.
If the fire dies, you die!
Your soul dies!

A superhero can never lose and you cannot, either. Obviously, you will fall and fail multiple times, but do not worry! It’s all a part of your superhero training. Tougher the training, stronger the superhero!

Go, search for the superhero within you.

A superhero is incomplete without the costume your superhero will be, too.

So, here is the costume for your superhero, prepare yourself to conquer the world.

Costume Details:

ITEM                                       FABRIC
Suit                                          Positivity
Cape                                        Determination
Mask                                       Perseverance
Gloves                                     Hope
Boots                                      Will Power

Also, don’t forget, ” Self belief is your mojo.”

All the best to everyone, after all, you will be meeting your own superheroes. Let us all unleash our inner superheroes and make this earth a powerful place to live in!


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