When The Outer Layers Fell Off

We all are covered with many layers which effectively hides our true self from everyone, including us. We get so lost in the layers that we forget who we actually are!

All these outer layers are our little ways to fit into the society’s definition of good or perfect. But, what we fail to see is that true perfection lies in being yourself, unapologetically. Yes, everybody has their own fears, some acknowledge them and some do not. Most of us stay in the state of denial, thus, use these layers to cover up our own inhibitions. 

But inside our mind, even we are aware that this make believe world which we have built around us is not going to stay with us forever. We push the reality away as long as we can. We try harder and harder  to be someone who we are not.

Sometimes we push the limits so hard that everything breaks off. The wonderful image we had created in our mind starts haunting us. The oh-so-beautiful life starts falling apart. All the outer layers begin to peel off and you cannot decide whether to be happy or sad.

Sooner or later, everyone who has built outer layers around themselves will undergo these moments of self realization. The moment which will change your perspective about who you are. The moment when the outer layers start shedding. The moment when the pretense starts fading.

When all the pretense fades away and you start learning to embrace your true self. Some might call it a phase, but you just know what it is. You know this phase is the only constant you have right now. The phase which will make you love yourself like never before. A kind of love where you accept yourself the way you are and celebrate who you are. The best kind of love is the one which never asks you to change, the love which forces you to fall in love with yourself, all over again!

P.S. This might be a first hand observation *wink* I have been learning a few things about myself, lately. I don’t really know where this is going, maybe something positive *let’s hope*


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  1. I’ll admit I’m a big weenie scaredy cat. No problem admitting it at all. I am inclined to put others before myself even when I know it’s going to be bad for me. I do like me though and if someone wants a vicious fight then push me into a corner and that passive person takes flight.

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  2. Praying and hoping along with you that something good will come out of the outer layers falling off. I totally believe it will!! You have a strength that comes through in your posts. Hang onto it, you can do this!! You are special!

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