The Feeling Called Love

Sincere words 

​I still remember the sincerity in your eyes when you told me how it was exactly meant to be. The bitter truth which shattered my happy picture into infinite pieces, your sincere harsh words which drowned me down, all that was very brave of you. 

You knew how much I loved the truth and even when you knew you would be hurting me, stabbing my heart a million times, you gave me the one thing I loved the most. You gave me the truth even when you could have very easily avoided it. 

That day is imprinted on my mind like it just happened yesterday . 

Entwined hands, distant hearts. 
Waiting for the other one to make the first move. 
We walked in perfect symphony, 
Quick steps, 
Mind miles away, 
Covering huge distance as quickly as possible. 
No it was not the end of the world. 
It was a  beginning, 
To two different journeys. 
No bitter emotions, 
Just a sense of realization. 

Now that we don’t talk anymore, I still respect you with all my heart. No, I don’t hate you, why would I? You kept our promise of being truthful forever. Now it’s my turn to return the favour, we don’t cross paths because we promised we will NOT. EVER.  

Let’s honour thatpromise forever without any hint of hatred. Let’s continue with our lives with only one emotion: respect for each other. 

There was nothing wrong with us. We were perfectly fine, but not together. I am glad we realized it before it was too late. 

P. S. Sorry for not posting soon


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