Few Steps Closer

Each path, a beauty of its own.
Each destination, a journey on its own.
There are plenty of roads that are not taken and there are plenty, which are often taken . You walk the one you need.

Yes, we have choices, millions of them. We choose one and move forward on that path. We may succeed, we may lose!
Who cares!
We have million such roads, remember!? The road we took earlier might not be the one for us, but how can we tell if we never give it a shot.
We cannot succeed without failing. Nobody reaches the top without having their share of failures.

That is the beauty of life, it always gives you another chance! Life is not harsh, you should not be, either. Go easy on yourself and if you tumble down, just gather yourself up, dust your clothes and continue moving.

Never give up! Just keep moving and collecting memories.

So, if you think things are not going well, trust me, you are few steps closer to the success.

Cheers to being a few steps closer.


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  1. This is right on point. It is too easy to give up but knowing tomorrowmay not happen should make us want to live each minute to the full. Knowing there is more likely to be a tomorrow we should look forward to our journey and traveling unlknown roads. For one so young your insight is full of wisdom. I am blessed to have met you on my life path.

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