Can You Calm This Chaotic World?


All of us are a part of one huge chaos where everyone is doing something or the other, but basically everyone is TRYING TO MAKE SENSE. We have no clue about what we are doing, but we are the best at telling others what to do!

We suck at making life choices but we are audacious enough to question about others choices. We think we are those “know-it-all” type, but that is one of the many misconceptions we have about us.We think about managing the chaos but end up contributing more to it.

All of us want to reach to the top but, what is reaching the top like? Will it be as glorious as you have imagined? Will it quench your thirst for success? Will it give you a peace of mind? Will it separate you from this chaotic world?


Fine, you have reached the top, then what? Who will you celebrate your achievements with if you have pushed everyone away in the process of reaching to the top? No, I am not saying that achieving what you dream is a bad thing! Obviously, NOT! But what matters more is the people you take along with you on your journey. Be competitive but don’t kill someone’s spirit in the process.

The only trick to try to sort this chaos is doing it together. We can only grow if everyone is growing up at the similar pace. The chaos can only be managed if we stick to each other and move forward TOGETHER!

So, what are you doing, adding up to the chaos or sorting it? Do you want to retreat and make a fresh move? The choice is yours!

Thank you for reading 🙂

P.S. One year blog anniversary tomorrow!!


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