5 Things I Wish I knew Before Starting 2016

Since the year 2016 is almost over, I think it is the perfect time for me to point out a couple of things which I wish, I knew before starting 2o16.


People are going to judge you

Irrespective of what you do and what you do not, people are going to have a say in it. They will crawl into your head and force their thoughts. At the end, how you handle the situation matters the most.

Internet is a stupid place

If you shared a cute picture or a deep thought evoking quote, there will be a certain someone sitting on the other end, taking a dig at you. They suffer from self-esteem issues and you should not let their mental conditions bother you.

You cannot make everyone happy

This is the most important lesson I learnt this year. The only person whose happiness should matter to you is YOU. Even if you try to be good to everyone, something is bound to go wrong with someone, making them unhappy in the process. So, live your moments and ONLY works towards making them count.

People will not be in your life forever

No matter how loving a person is, no matter how good your bonding is, there will be a time when differences will occur. Some differences are too big to repair and peace of mind is too important than a broken relationship. Sometimes you have to let go a person you love for the sake of both of you.

Body image is not everything

I have spoken a lot about being beautiful from inside. Outer beauty or physical appearance is not going to do any good if you are toxic from inside. I have met a good bunch of toxic people, so no matter how much makeup they apply or how amazingly they dress up, they are beautiful. Flaws should be appreciated, worn as a medal. Nobody cares how good you look, which brand clothes you wear, are you skinny or fat, as long as you are a good person. Being beautiful inside-out matters the most.

These are the major points I am going to keep in mind during the coming year. Is there anything that I have missed?


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  1. I agree especially with your 3rd point – it’s just always best to live on your own terms, because happiness comes from within (as much of a cliche as that sounds!)

    Happy 2017 x

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