She Never Dared To Speak Out

She stepped into this world where no one welcomed,
She thought they might take some tome to open up, to make her feel loved,
She begged for the love and all she got was a mean shove!
She never dared to speak out because she was grateful that they were kind enough to let her come into this world.

She was five when that uncle started coming over,
She lost the count of times when he hurt her over and over,
She begged, she cried,
All her mercy pleas were brutally denied.
Mommy asked her to forget about it and carry on with life,
As these small incidents are part and parcel of life.
She never dared to speak out again because families and relations should not be broken.

She was sixteen when that mean boy spiked her drink,
She thought he loved her because of all the words he used to speak.
She was broken and in pain,
But once again all her efforts of speaking out went in vain.
It was the question of family honour,
It was her fault that she went out with him at that late hour.


She was twenty when they grabbed her in the alley,
A gut-wrenching shrill came through her belly.
She was alone and they were five in number,
They took turns, did the unimaginable and all she hoped was it to be a nightmare of her deep slumber.
No, she was not allowed to speak out and bring shame to the family.
It was her fault that she wore such clothes which provoked those men, madly.

She was twenty-eight when her husband slapped her for the first time,
In the poor guy’s defence, it was her fault that she did not cook the food right.
He forced himself onto her,
He was the husband and it was his right.
She never dared to speak out and demand justice.
It was a wife’s duty to let her husband do anything he pleases.
Divorces are a failure and a symbol of how your parents did not teach you to behave and obey your husband’s instructions.

She was thirty-two when she gave birth to a healthy baby girl,
Hell broke loose because she failed to give them a son, an heir.
Sometimes that little girl was killed,
Sometimes she was thrown into this vicious circle where she thought it was better to be killed.

No, it did not stop here, it continued till she died!

Women safety is a huge issue which nobody pays attention to.

Sometimes her clothes are the reason,
Sometimes her working late in office,
Sometimes she simply used a mobile phone,
Sometimes she ate Chinese food,
Sometimes boys just had some fun,
Sometimes because boys are boys,
Sometimes it was the influence of western culture!
These are the statements given by the oh-so-amazing politicians.

She begged, she cried but the justice was most of the times,denied!


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    • I somehow missed your piece about the topic. I just read it and I am so thankful that your daughter chose to speak out and you did the right thing! Thank you. Because somebody who used to be very close to me had gone through the same thing, worst part is not the fact that he was a family member! The worst part is how she told, yet nobody paid attention to her and she was asked to just live with it, nothing happened to the guy, he is still living a very happy life. It hurts me so much that I couldn’t help her, in anyway. I was very young to understand and now, sometimes I feel like I failed myself and her. But, thank you! Seriously!

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  1. Thank you for speaking this! I agree and personally experienced that violence against children in homes, verbally and physically, is where so much pain begins. We are not broken – we are amazingly strong to have survived this and even more powerful to see it for what it was and speak out so that other boys and girls can be protected. In my experience, mothers and fathers are both capable of violence that they can excuse as ‘discipline’. Are you familiar with Alice Miller’s books? My hope is that the blogging community could take a stand and ask all religions, cultures and countries to clearly say that hitting a child, calling them shameful names is unacceptable and ineffective – and to provide understanding and support for parents to recognise the wounds of their own childhood, so that they can relate to themselves and their children with compassion and openness. I think your words help raise awareness and break the shame of silence. How do you feel after sharing your post?

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    • No, I haven’t read Alice Miller’s books. I will now. I agree both parents are equally capable of the violence against their kids. What needs to be explained with love and patience gets lost between physical and mental abuse. If anyone who reads the piece I have written and gets courage to ask for the required help, that would give me some satisfaction due to this topic being a personal concern. Thank you for reading and giving your wonderful insights. Let’s make this community as we have dreamt of! Little by little, everyday.

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  2. Wow, very powerful words and concepts! You have said it well and it needs to be said, thank you!

    Until ALL people are held responsible for their behaviour society will continue to allow women to be violated. We all need to speak out and support each other. Grow stronger, take action and never ever believe it’s your fault.

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    • Thank you! And the world will be a better place to live in if the survivors are given the required help and support, rather than blaming it on them. Just because it’s easy to blame the survivor doesn’t mean it should be practiced. Punishment should be given to the deserving ones, not the ones who are hurting.

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