The Feeling Called Love

To The One Who Will Love Me

Your job is not to make things easier for me,
You are not my genie who grants wishes!

Your job is not to meddle in my business,
That’s not what partners do!

I don’t want you to be my problem-solver,
I want you to stand by me.


Let me make my mistakes,
Let me fall as many times as I want to.
Let me learn on my own,
Let me grow!

I just want you to hold my hands,
Listen to my struggles,
Encourage me.
But to never take charge of my situations.

Of course, I will need you.
I will need you to help me stay positive,
I will need you to help me stay focused,
I will need you to kiss me good luck.

Honey, just be there!
Be there when I seek the comfort of your arms.
Be there to kiss my pain away.
Be there to hold me when I am breaking.
Be there to whisper those soothing, sweet nothings into my ear.
Be there to take me away from this world when I need it the most.
Be there to make me laugh hard.
Be there to point out my mistakes.
Be there with nothing, but love.

Let’s face our share of demons.
Let’s struggle on our own, yet together.
Let’s build our characters.
Let’s spoil each other with love.
Let’s grow into soulmates.


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    • You have no idea how happy your comment has made me! Not only I am happy that somebody has found the kind love I have always imagined, I am happy that there is a possibility that I might find the same kind of love. Thank you!


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