The Feeling Called Love

To The One Who Broke My Heart

“Why”, you asked.

Every time I look into your eyes, I see her mocking me.
Your once soothing kisses stab me now.
Your touch burns me so much that every time you touch me, I run back to the bathroom to wash all the traces of her!
Your voice makes me aware of all the promises you never kept.
The way you lied through your teeth,
The way you didn’t blink your eyes, even when you were saying I love you to not just me.
The only voice I hear now is her screeching laughter, at the expense of my misery.

You asked for another chance,
For the sake of the love we shared.
But the truth is,
The love wasn’t enough!
All this time, I was blaming her,
I was blaming myself!
You are the one who deserves all the blame,
You broke my heart,
You broke us!
You did not love me the way I was supposed to be loved.
That’s why!

Sometimes, during midnight, I want to run to your door,
Banging it loud till you open it.
To show you the damage you have done.
But then I stop at my door,
Realising if you didn’t care then,
Why would you now!
That’s why!


Thank you for reading.

Photo by : Charlie Foster on Unsplash


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