Why Do I Write?

I write because it calms my mind,
From all the drama that happens in the life of any normal 22 years old woman.

I write because it helps me in getting the clear picture,
Of what I am going through at the moment?
And of what all I could possibly do it to make it better?

I write because it prevents me from being overwhelmed,
From most of the things,
Everything happening at once in a greater amplitude.

I write because I love to write.
It is one of the most relaxing hobbies that I have.

I write because it is the only time when I am the truest to myself.
With no barrier in between my pen, paper and I,
It feels like the most intimate conversation I could ever have!
Especially with all the changes that have been happening in my life.

I write because it allows me to take a break from the rush of life.
A life of social media,
A life of speedy moments,
Where everything is so fast-paced that it often leaves me panting,
Gasping for air!

I write because it helps me in saving precious moments of life.
Writing every detail, second by second.
And revisiting those memories,
Reliving every nanosecond,

Thank you for reading.

Everyday Inspiration: Day 1
“Why Do You Write”



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  1. This is beautiful ❀️ I wrote something of mine with the same title could you read it and tell me what you think, it will mean alot to me ❀️ this goes for everyone ❀️


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