The Choices We Make

I listened to a Ted Talk once, where the speaker was talking about the choices we make and how It affects our lives? The most remarkable point that she made was that we always have a choice as long as we are ready to accept the consequences.

That made me realise the immense power we hold on our journey of life. That was the moment in my life when I realised the true meaning of ” You are the author of your life story”.

At every moment we have a choice to make, we get to choose how our rest of the journey is going to be. And the most beautiful part is we are the ones who get to pick the circumstances of the choices we make in life. If we don’t like the option we have chosen, life offers us the ability to change it in the very next moment.

So, if you think, we are provided with infinite options during each moment of our life and the authority to make the choice lies solely in our hands.

For example,

If I decide to eat healthily, I would be required to give up a lot of food that I like.
But that’s something I have chosen for myself.
If I decide to cheat on my healthy diet and binge on pizza, I know I would be regretting later. But that is again my choice!

If I decide to splurge on the payday, I might have trouble at the end of the month.
But, that would be the result of my own decisions.

If I am entering into a relationship, I am agreeing to share my life with someone.
So, if I am having some troubles and going through a bad time, which will definitely happen at some time or the other, it is because of the choices I have made in the past.

If I am parting ways with someone, I might miss them at odd hours,
But, again it is something I decided to do with my life.

In the Ted Talk that I talked about in the beginning, the speaker gave an example of someone who is stuck at their job. She said, “If you are looking at your friend’s travel pictures and wondering why your life is bad? It’s because how you opted it to be. You could still quit your job and do the whole travelling thing as long as you are ready to accept the fact that you won’t be earning or living the life you are living, right now.”

That changed my perspective on life, completely!

It made me aware of how I am writing my life story and how I can change it at any moment if I don’t like the way it is going.

It made me feel powerful!

Thank you for reading.

Do you like listening to the Ted Talks? I am up for recommendations.
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