What Would People Say?



Day Four: A Story in a Single Image

Have you ever stopped yourself from trying something new, thinking what if people laugh at me?
Have you ever given up on your dreams because you failed once and became a laughing stock?


If you have, we need to have this little chat.
If you have not, then congratulations to you! Please read ahead and tell the others and me whether you agree with me or not.

Do you know that the fear of “what if I fail?” has affected more lives than the actual failures?

Let’s take a moment to clear our headspace and have a conversation.

Have you ever failed at something? What a stupid question! Everybody has failed at something or the other in their lives. So now that we have established the fact that hurdles and obstacles are unavoidable parts of life, let’s continue.

We try something new, step out of our comfort zone, sometimes we succeed and sometimes we don’t.

Some people laugh at us, does it hurt? Of course!

Why do we care about them so much?
Why do we give them so much importance?
Why do we allow them to have so much control over us?

If you are saying, “Duh! Normal human behaviour.”

Then shouldn’t this same human behaviour apply to those who did not laugh at us?
Those who appreciated our efforts?
Those who encouraged us to keep going?
Those who asked us to not give up?

If we can care about a handful of people who are trying to make us feel like we are nothing, we are a big failure, our life is useless and what not!

Then why can’t we pay attention to those 7.5 billion people who are not laughing at us?
Why can’t we care about those who asked us to move forward, despite everything?

If we let some words affect us, then why can’t those words be the kind ones?

So, next time, if you ever want to give up, please keep in mind that there are many who are rooting for you!
I am rooting for you!

If you still want to listen to others’ opinions, just pay attention to the positive ones.

And please never make anyone feel like they don’t deserve to be here. Because you have first hand witnessed how it feels when someone makes you feel worthless.

Be kind!
Be encouraging!
To yourself.
And to everyone else!

Thank you for reading.

Have you ever hated someone because they made you feel worthless?
Have you ever made someone feel worthless? It’s never too late to apologise!
Everyday Inspiration: Day 4
A story in a single image”


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