The Absence Of Us

I stood by the window,
Letting the tickling rays of sun fall on my face.
Hoping for you to bring that cup of coffee,
The same one which you brought every day.

But here I stand, reminiscing.

A lone tear crawls down, caressing my cheek,
Just like the way you used to do it.
Again making me aware of your absence,
The absence of us.

Now the only thing which holds me at night is your shirt,
The same shirt, that you wore the day you told me you loved me, for the first time.
The same shirt which makes your eyes pop.
I hold it close to my chest, just like the way you used to hold me.

But your smell is fading,
Reminding me that you are not here.
All the physical shreds of evidence of you ever being here are gone.

But my heart is not READY.

I’ve read a million of articles on how to move on!
But, how to move on from someone who was supposed to be your ‘forever’?
How to move on from all the daydreams you had?
How to move on from someone you thought you were going to grow old with?
How to move on from someone who penetrated all the walls you had around you?
How to move on from someone you bared your soul to?
How to move on leaving behind a part of you?

Thank you for reading.

Everyday Inspiration: Day 7
“Let Social Media Inspire You”


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  1. I loved this! So real and raw but beautiful and sad too! Going through a breakup or divorce is hard. Having done it twice before I’ve had some experience. Everyone goes through it differently and on their own timetable. I have some pieces on my blog you may find helpful – especially – the reblog of “Gone” and “Why would you want to live with someone who is not in love with you:”

    For me the breakups I experienced ended up being steppingstones to my soulmate – 3rd wife for over 17 years! The sooner you can let go the better but the pace is yours to set.

    Thanks so much for your views on my site!

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    • Thank you for reading. I will just check the reblog of “Gone” and “Why would you want to live with someone who is not in love with you”. I understand the sooner you let go the better it is, only if moving on was so easy. But, thank you for sharing your happy ending, which is a greater beginning in my opinion!

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      • You are so right! Moving on can be a very long process and some never do, to be sure. It is just better if possible, to find a way to move through it as fast as is possible for oneself!

        Thanks so much for viewing and commenting on my blog and for following me. I am looking forward to your new posts too!


  2. Oh, just remembered you might also enjoy my posts on Forever and fantasy. The main problem with breakups is that we have accepted the fantasy of forever. Forever is a lie. We live one day at a time and we aren’t even guaranteed that, are we?

    There is a really great book you might enjoy – “The Psychology of Romantic Love” It helped me a lot. Check out the reviews on Amazon!

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    • Forever is a lie but it’s hard to face the reality when you are in the happy bubble. Only when the bubble bursts, you realize that nothing is permanent! Just heading to Amazon to check out the book.
      Thank you for your time, means a lot to me 🙂

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      • Wow! Loved the way you described – “The Happy Bubble”! So smart and accurate! I am very blessed as are many happily married people to wake up every morning with the one I love and who loves me. That’s living in the Happy Bubble but we both know and realize that we only have the now of today and appreciate the Happy Bubble of now and work and plan for other days in the Happy Bubble too but have steeled ourselves to know that, as the Bible and Elton John have said we are just candles in the wind – and love can be that way too.

        Love so much connecting with you!!!


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