A Day In The Life Of A Long Distance Couple

We have been talking every day on all available social media platforms. You call me at random hours to say nothing and a lot, at the same time. In the skype sessions, I can see the excitement in your eyes when we discuss the things we are going to do when you will come to see me. I also read the struggle of being away for too long in your silent grunts and occasional v between your eyebrows. I know these reactions are because of all the sighs I make when we are having our little “just sitting there and staring at my laptop screen” sessions.

But, my most favourite part of our conversation is the plans that we make for the day we will meet, in person. We have been planning it down to every second, taking care of all the possible, minute details. I love how my heart melts, even more, thinking about you and me without the 3000 Kms distance between us.

I get excited thinking about how I will hug you till eternity, before showering you with kisses, the moment you step out of the airport. I get butterflies thinking how it would feel to hold your hand again after so long.

I love playing out our planned date in my head.
How we will go to that cozy cafe and eat those delicious muffins while you sip your cappuccino.
How we will roam into the city, holding hands, like tourists.
How we will go to the fancy restaurant for our lunch and stuff our faces without me caring about my diet.
How we will go ice-skating and laugh at each other because neither of us knows how to.
How you will read my favourite book to me while I rest my head on your chest and get distracted by your heartbeat. How I will ask you to repeat the line because I got distracted and you will just shake your head before your deep voice begins to read again.
How we will go dancing even though I have two left feet!
How you will be with me to hold me when we go to sleep.
How we will cook together, burn the kitchen and then order in.
How we will have fun and be happy without the laptop screen between us.

You clear your throat to bring me back from the world of daydreams and give me a sad smile. Promising me that it’s just a few more days. Then I blow kisses to you, telling you I love you and I can’t wait for you to be here.

We talk some more, plan some more and then we are forced to go back to the real world. I feel sad during goodnights, but I get giddy everytime I cross a date out, on my countdown calendar.

And then I dream some more about you, about us!

Have I missed any important detail? Let me know if I have! Long distance relationships are very difficult sometimes, craving for the physical presence and getting jealous of every couple in the town and then feeling bad is a common routine. But don’t forget that you have a very amazing person who loves you so much!

Everyday Inspiration: Day 14
“Recreate a single day”


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