Why Not Giving Up Should Be Life’s Mantra

Have you ever wanted to go back and undo what happened?
But then there is a little voice in your head which asks you not to do it,
Reminding you of all the other times you had similar thoughts but you opted not to,
Reminding you of all the lessons you have learnt along the way.
The lessons which pushed you to this moment,
The lessons which made you confident enough to take all those steps.
No matter what, just always listen to that tiny voice!
And keep moving forward.

I have been here for longer than usual. I have seen all of it. How life goes on, how it throws a curve at the exact moment everything seems straight and simple. How it pushes you to extreme but pulls you up just before you begin to fall. How it surprises you everyday. How it never repeats it’s routine. How it looks into your eye and dares you to blink first, but you don’t! How it is the biggest mystery but not completely clueless. How it makes you cherish small things. How it makes you into who you are. How it never stops. How it never stands between you and your journey. How it makes you believe in yourself.

You stay there, just a little bit longer,
No, don’t give up, just hang in there.
It is going to happen, soon!
You can see it, feel it in your heart,
Yes, it is coming to you, just be patient.
It is what you have always dreamt of.
It is exactly what you wanted it to be,

Everyday Inspiration: Day 16

“Mine your own material”


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