From Game To The Bucket List

When I was a kid, I had an educational fun game, in which two discs were pinned, overlapping each other. The First disc had a lot of cutouts and the second one had a lot of tiny words on it.  It was an informative disc sort of game which gave information about different countries of the world, so you have to spin the upper disc and the cutouts or the slits will show you the information about that country.

The disc will provide all kinds of information like the country’s capital, area, population, rivers, main crops, minerals found, major languages etc. I remember how I would spin the disc, read about a country and then locate it on the globe I had.

I used to carry the globe to my different uncles, cousins, grandparents and almost any elder member of the family *I lived in a joint family then*  and tell them everything I had learned. I would point to a country on the globe and tell them everything about it.

Then I gave my little game a twist and started using the globe as my starting point. I would give the globe a little spin, close my eyes and place my finger on it. I used to think of myself as some important voyager who travels across the world and then tells the stories of her explorations to her family.

And by the end of the game, I would write a few countries in my notebook. I used to call it my list of favourite countries, that later graduated to my bucket list. I often asked my cousins to play the game and then gave them a long lecture if they chose without thinking.

If I see a globe now, I still cannot resist the urge to give it a little spin.


I still don’t understand how everyone in my family had the patience to listen to my ramblings about different countries, every day. But I do remember the way I explained them everything as if I actually travelled to that country. Cheers to the simpler times!

Everyday Inspiration: Day 17
“A Map As Your Muse”



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  1. This is really so wonderfully written. I remember in my childhood I had an amazing time playing with the globe. Like spinning the globe, locating almost all the countries and its major cities and many more games. Your words made me relive those memories again! 😍❤️

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