The Plant That You Gave Me

Still watering the plant that you gave me!

But, not anymore. I have to get rid of everything that reminds me of you.

As I lift the Azalea Bonsai from the window sill, tons of memories hit me at once. I remember how excited I was when you asked me to close my eyes for a surprise on our second anniversary, I was almost jumping like an excited bunny with my hands covering my eyes. The memory of your melodious laughter is still very crisp in my mind. I remember the goosebumps that followed my smile when you explained what the plant means to our us, our relationship.

But since you are gone, the plant has lost its meaning, too!

I gave the plant to Mrs. Singh, next door.

Her face lit up with pure joy and then changed to something similar to reminiscing. She remembered how her mother gave a similar Azalea Bonsai to her on her wedding. She almost relived the moment when her mother asked her to be true to herself, no matter what. Her eyes became glossy remembering how that plant became a member of her new family and her companion who shared the same thoughts of adjusting to new surroundings and a new family where everyone welcomed them with their arms open. She also had a fond memory of her late husband watering the little plant regularly even if he was running late to work.

Mrs. Singh could not believe how a little plant can bring back so many beautiful memories.

She placed the plant on her table when her niece Ria entered the home, she is moving to university soon.

The gorgeous plant was the show stealer.

Ria could not keep her eyes off the plant.

“Aunt, may I please take this cute plant to Uni with me?” That little request decided the path of Azalea Bonsai and what happens next is yet to be known.

As of now, it is 5000 km away from its original place, the only thing which is same, is the happiness it is causing to the owner.


Thank you for reading.

Everyday Inspiration: Day 18
“Compose a Series of Anecdotes”


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