Wrapping Everyday Inspiration Challenge

Hello, hello, hello!!

I just completed my 20 days Everyday Inspiration Challenge and I am ecstatic with the development I have made so far.

I have gotten a lot more traffic, found so many wonderful bloggers and most importantly I was able to overcome the mighty demon who is commonly known as “word block”

I also did a very wonderful thing of posting every day, I am hopeful to continue the same even after the challenge is over. And can I just say, I underestimated how interesting WordPress Blogging University’s e-courses could be!

I’m definitely going to try some other courses, soon.

Ending the post with a little piece that I think you guys will like.

Alluringly captivating eyes,
Seeing my soul through all the layers of lies.
Asking is it really what you want?
I lie, blink an eye
And all I hear is a gotcha!
Does it really matter?
If not then why did I stutter?
What are you hiding and who are you hiding from?
Is it you or your people back home?
Roll of eyes and a careless shrug!
But all you are waiting for is a meaningful, supportive hug.
Don’t worry, don’t fret about how things could be.
Have faith, strike a smile, you’ve got a friend in me!

Everyday Inspiration: Day 20
“Wrap it up”
Issa wrap guys!

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