Two Things To Do When It Gets Tough


Blogmas: Day 2

Do you ever feel like you have no control over the situations? Like you are going to pass out because it is too much to handle. Like you want to be anywhere but where you currently are. Do you struggle with your actions when it gets tough when life gets rough?

If you feel any of these emotions, then I think I might have something to help you with it. Because I firsthand know how much it hurts to feel helpless when you really want to do something.

Let me share my most practiced exercise with you, I do it whenever it gets uncontrollable and difficult to bear.

Nothing fancy but just a simple breathing exercise. All you have to do is focus on two things:

  1. Breathing in
  2. Breathing out

I know it feels stupid but it is very effective. Breathe in through your nose, like gulping the maximum amount of oxygen possible and then hold it for a few seconds. Slowly breathe out through your mouth like you have no hurry in the world, try exhaling all the air that you inhaled.

Repeat this entire process several times and you will feel your heart coming down to a normal pace. You will realise that your head is no longer dizzy and your hands are neither clammy nor shaking any longer.


Here are a few occasions when I practice this exercise:
If You Have Lost A Loved One
After All These Years, Why Now?
“Everything Is Fine”
The Pictures On My Bedroom Wall

Photo by Clem Onojeghuo
Photo by Milada Vigerova


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