Three Ocassions When You Don’t Owe An Explanation


Blogmas: Day 3

Humans being the social animal by nature cannot stay away from each other and sometimes it could be a reason for sabotaging somebody’s perfect life. We want to get involved in everything, have an opinion about everything and sometimes it leads to broken relations and depressed hearts.

To avoid such situations, where others rule over your thinking space, there is a beautiful rule of three. Three things you should never be apologetic about and never owe any explanation to.

Who you love

Whoever we decide to love and share our life is solely our decision. We don’t need to bother with the explanation of why we love someone or why we do not. Nobody has the right to question our sexual orientation and our reasons to love somebody. Loving someone is the most personal thing and the logic behind a personal thing is that it needs to stay away from social discussions. So, if we stop thinking about what ‘they’ say, our life will be more easier and beautiful than it already is.

Choices you make

The choices we make throughout our lives are responsible for shaping our future and it would be sinful to let anyone else run the course of our life. That being said, we don’t owe it to anyone on this planet, to give reasons about why we made a certain choice or why we did not. It’s as simple as that.

Taking time out for yourself

Life, in general, can be pretty hectic and be taking some time out to rejuvenate is the wisest thing to do. We owe it to us, to take good care of ourselves. During that time, we don’t need to take any negativity from anyone, no matter how important they are for us. If they are as important as we think, then they would understand and if not, we need to kick them out of our lives.

So, that is the golden rule of three and it makes the life less stressful. Don’t we all want that?

Photo by Clem Onojeghuo
Photo by Max Felner


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